3 Step Plan

If you’re reading this right now, the odds are reasonable that you’re having an IT problem.
Whatever the issue is, it has probably been building up over time and now you’re forced to take care of it.
What you may not realize is that many unscrupulous IT providers take advantage of situations like the one you’re in. They wait for you to be in such a terrible position that you’re willing to pay just about anything to solve the problem.
So the IT consultant shows up to solve the pain point. Maybe it’s a virus, or perhaps a failed hard drive. It could be a corrupted file, or a suddenly slow network. Whatever the problem, it seems to be gone by the end of the visit and within a few days you receive an invoice with a stunning total at the bottom. You don’t like it, but what can you do? You pay for the bill and return to business-as-usual until one day a new IT problem springs up and brings your business to a halt.
What so many business owners aren’t told is that these dramatic issues are usually avoidable. Hard drives usually don’t just suddenly fail, they give off warning signals. And even when they *do* fail, there are ways to make sure that the critical project you’re working on is 100% safe.

There are ways to keep your IT costs low and predictable, and you don’t even need to hire your own IT staff.

You can have 24 hour protection.
You can have regular, secure offsite backups.
You can have nearly instant remote support for even the smallest of IT difficulties.

With Relentless IT’s Preventative Maintenance Plan, you’ll have IT services you can trust, with no surprises.

Step One: Diagnose
During our first meeting, one of our engineers will assess your current network, systems and hardware. By gaining a good understanding of the overall structure of your business’s IT, we’re able to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

Step Two: Fix
After the diagnosis has been made we get to work on quickly solving your most immediate problem. Now that we know what the state of your network is, we go beyond simple ‘patch jobs’ that fall apart within weeks or months.

We address the core problems in a way that is tailored to your company’s unique needs, without pressuring you to buy unnecessary hardware or software. We keep the solution as simple as it can be, without sacrificing security or reliability.

Most IT services would stop right there. In fact, we have a name for this model in our industry: we call it “break-fix”.

Relentless IT goes further by putting in place a low-cost preventative plan designed to lower your overall IT costs and save you thousands of dollars in lost business opportunity.

We achieve this through our third and final step.

Step Three: Prevent
This third step is what some companies call a Managed Services Plan, or an MSP.
But really, what does that mean and how will it help you?

  1. Active Network Monitoring
  2. Like a sentry standing guard in the night, Active Network Monitoring keeps a watchful eye on the status of your network. Special software operated by a trained IT expert checks the status of your backups, identifies security breaches, tracks virus infiltration and ensures that your anti-virus software is up to date. Active Network Monitoring also identifies server issues (hardware or software) that could indicate an upcoming problem in something like your hard drive. Imagine knowing weeks in advance that a hard drive is on its way out. No more nasty surprises.

  3. Fast Remote Support Guarantee — 60 Minutes Response Time, On Critical Problems Within Two Hours
  4. When you have a problem, you need a solution — fast. As the minutes tick by, the cost to your business goes up. It’s for that reason that we have included this guarantee. If you contact us with a problem, we respond within 60 minutes and begin working on the problem within two hours is it is critical to your business.

    Should you require onsite service, we schedule an appointment quickly for any business in the Ottawa, Lima or Findlay areas – or anywhere in between.

    Now you can rest easy knowing that your IT service is only a quick phone call or email away — guaranteed.

  5. Frequent Reports: Get Peace of Mind and Full Accountability.
  6. What is your IT service doing for you? Is your network healthy and operating well? How would you know if something failed? Our 3-Step IT Relief Plan provides you with optional weekly and monthly reports to your email – all at no charge.

You’ll know what we’ve worked on, what needs upgrading, when your backups fail, when your anti-virus software has updated, and much more. The reports are tailored to your needs and provide you with the data you’ll need should you choose to expand your business’s IT infrastructure.

We’d like you to experience the benefits of Preventative Maintenance first hand, and we want to help you resolve your most pressing IT problem straight away.

That’s why, when you sign up for a free 28-Day Trial of our Preventative Maintenance Plan, you’ll also receive your first two hours of billable support absolutely free.

We want you to try it out and see how brilliant our service is.
You’re not obligated to continue with our service, and there’s no catch, setup fees or small print.

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