Why you should choose Relentless IT

About Relentless.

For over 14 years we have been relentlessly securing systems and data. We focus primarily on businesses such as accountants, lawyers, healthcare providers and other professionals by designing IT support plans to fit their unique needs.

When you hire Relentless IT you hire a team of experts with numerous years in the field. We ensure that the best IT consultant is matched with your company’s needs in order to provide stable, reliable service.


No Remediation Fees.

Some providers charge substantial upfront fees to bring your systems and network up to an acceptable standard.
We take a holistic approach, bringing your network and systems up to a desirable standard over time.

Two reasons for this approach:

  • Cost of remediation spread over time to suit your budget.
  • Less disruption to users, gradual changes are much more easily adapted to. We don’t like the confusion that arises when an office starts work on Monday morning and finds everything on their computers has changed since they left on Friday. 


No Setup Fees.

We don’t like paying them, so we don’t expect our clients to pay them.


No Long Term Contracts.

We foster long term relationships with our clients through cost effective timely service. If we are doing a good job you will not need to look elsewhere for a service provider. Our preference is to provide you and your company with great service, much more of a win-win situation than a one to three year contract some other providers insist on. If we are failing to provide great service then we should be replaced.


Great Service Guarantee.

We need our clients to be so happy with the service we provide they will become evangelistic about our company. We are not satisfied with having clients happy enough to recommend us if asked, we want you to be so in love with our service you take every chance you get to recommend us. One thing we offer to enable this is our Great Service Guarantee.

We guarantee we will:

  1. Have a YES attitude every time.
  2. Be there when we say we will or we will call ahead to let you know of a schedule change.
  3. Be there fast when you have a server or other vital system down.
  4. Be candid and open in our dealings, we will not candy coat anything. We will give you the facts you need to make the best decisions for you and your company.
  5. Be more than proactive and look for warning signs we can address before they become live issues.
  6. Put ourselves out so we don’t put you out. We will work around your needs and be the cause of as little disruption as is practical so you and your employees can keep doing what it is you do.
  7. Bill fairly and transparently for quality service, no vague charges or hidden fees.

If we fail in any of the above please bring it to our attention and we will make it right, whatever it takes to do that.


The Next Step.

We offer a free consultation and a free evaluation of our monitoring services. No risk and no commitments.
If you would like to meet and find out whether we would be a good fit for your company please call toll free 888-616-6853 or email info@relentlessit.com